5 Common Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business

One of the most important small business tips is to always have information. Making decisions
without relevant data is gambling. This quick read will help you avoid such dangerous mistakes.

Small business tips and tricks often focus on the mindset. We’re here to tell you that mindset won’t be helpful if you don’t have the right information.

Business owners sometimes make decisions using a gut feeling. While we do think there’s a place for a gut feeling in business, the decision cannot be good without relevant data.

This paper will discuss the most important oversights and mistakes business owners make. Most of these happen because they don’t understand their data. Sometimes they don’t even have all the data.

Expect to be better prepared to run your everyday operations after reading this paper. It’s a 4 minute read, but you’ll find the information to be very useful.

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    Nilesh Mehta , CEO, Independent Bridge Consulting
    5 Mistakes Killing your Business2021-07-21T05:20:09-04:00
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