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55%Increase in repeat business

40%Increase in revenue

Retail will be strong
for years to come

Human interaction, personalized service, seeing the items in-person and getting the item immediately. Can you get this while shopping online? Of course not. These are the reasons retail can’t disappear.

In one survey, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, 79% of the shoppers claimed to miss being able to handle the product. Another 77% miss casually browsing. Almost two-thirds of the shoppers believed stores will improve after the pandemic.

The digital experience isn’t separate from in-person shopping.
It’s mandatory for a great in-person shopping experience.

Customer Experience
local business owner faces challenges

Local business owners are
facing challenges

Expectations are high. Even when selling products, you’re still providing a service to the customer. It’s always been difficult to delight customers. Even more so with the increased customer expectations.

Thankfully, it’s the cloud technology that helps the retail shops. Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario of a local clothing store owner, Rebecca.

Customer Experience Innovation with Independence Bridge


customer service

Rebecca owns a clothing store in Philadelphia. Her business has primarily focused on having excellent customer service for her walk-in customers. But the business was struggling. Customers are spending too much time in the store on average. The sales process was basic.

The clothing store also lacked proper data in order to make important business decisions. Such as customer information and surveys about new arrivals.

Our solutions
for busy shoppers challenges

We helped Rebecca turn her retail store into a digital powerhouse. How? First, we introduced Salesforce CRM and Vend POS. We moved her business operations to the cloud.

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer-relationship management software. It helps a local business go digital. Everything you need to automate, you can do it using Salesforce.

Getting in touch with customers and increasing repeat business became easy. We introduced Twilio SMS. Rebecca automated communication with the customers. Wishing customers happy birthdays and holidays, sending them offers and letting them know when their order is ready for pickup.

We implemented customer loyalty programs to make it even easier for customers to come back.

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Offering a digital ordering experience is also a big part of success. The customers don’t even have to buy online. They can browse and see what’s in stock and which items they’d like to check out in the store. Knowing what to look for cuts down on the average time spent in the store.

Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale system. It helps Rebecca manage inventory, collect payments more easily, and sell both online and in-store.

We integrated these tools to make sure that Rebecca’s staff can focus on providing the best possible customer service. Technology further improved the customer experience. Digital transformation that Rebecca’s business went through removed bottlenecks from her operations. It allowed the business to grow.

digital ordering experience

What actually improved?

55% increase in repeat

Rebecca improved customer experience. Better communication, great service and loyalty programs. Every aspect improved. This resulted in a 55% increase in repeat business.

40% increase in revenue

The average order size also increased. Loyalty programs motivated customers to buy more which boosted revenue.

60% improvement
in customer acquisition cost

Rebecca adopted a new onboarding process. She offered an amazing service and loyalty programs. Customer acquisition cost fell by 60%.

Cloud technology
is the great equalizer

Proper technology implementation will improve every aspect of your local business. You have to make business operations more
effective and improve customer experience.

That’s why cloud technology matters so much. It levels the playing field for smaller businesses and allows you to compete with much larger companies.

Cloud technology

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