Nilesh Mehta

Founder, CEO

Nilesh has over ten years of experience in business analysis, data analysis, and product management. During that time, he was at the intersect between analytics, information systems, and finance. He has enjoyed unique opportunities working with talented individuals such as top-level executives of global financial institutions, elite consulting firms, and countless experts in finance and technology.

He started his career as an independent consultant in large complex organizations like Chicago Public Schools and Celgene Corporation from 2012 to 2014. He spearheaded initiatives to integrate the financial management and supply-chain ecosystem and enhance FP&A business intelligence. From 2015 to 2018, Nilesh was a Business Analyst at Moody’s Investors Service in the Methodology Development Group, where the firm develops analytical rating methodologies across sectors & asset classes. He shifted his focus towards startups and small businesses over the past few years as an early employee for a Goldman Sachs Growth & Two Sigma portfolio company (Crux Informatics) and a Product Manager at Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

Nilesh is a graduate of Stony Brook University and native of Washington Township, Gloucester County, NJ. He enjoys summer nights down the jersey shore, fall weather, and being in nature. Nilesh started Independence Bridge Consulting to use his unique knowledge for helping local businesses thrive and create wealth for their community.