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Technology is helping local
businesses beat their much larger competitors

This detailed scenario will give you actionable tips that you can use in your local business to beat your
next door competitor. Drive more revenue, improve your service, and get more repeat customers.

35%Increase in repeat business

65%Increase in revenue

the unique advantage

Many local business owners view technology as something optional. Something fancy, something for “other people to use”. There’s a fundamental misunderstanding of what technology is and what it can do. You’re probably not even aware of how much easier your day-to-day life and business operations can be with the proper use of technology.

That’s why we’re bringing you this hypothetical, but very realistic scenario of Brian’s local coffee shop. Situated right next to a Starbucks, most people would bet against Brian’s coffee shop. But, Brian had a crucial thing going for him. A must-have ally.. technology.

Technology the unique advantage
digital transformation

Going Digital

Brian’s strategy was operating with a personal approach. Be the local, familiar go-to place for coffee. This meant doing things the old way. Remember your customers, try to provide an excellent service. But what if there’s a novel way which makes the customer experience even better?

We helped Brian move his business operations to the cloud and go digital.

Customer Experience Innovation with Independence Bridge


Let’s get specific.

Brian adopted Lightspeed POS and Zoho CRM to get started. Lightspeed is a point-of-sale system that acts as the digital center of your business. It helps you access your revenue streams from a computer, tablet or a mobile device. It simplifies complex business operations.

Zoho is a customer relationship management system. It improves engagement with the customers and grows your revenue.

Powerful digital ecosystem

digital ecosystem

The POS and CRM systems were the fundamentals Brian needed to get started. Then it was time to help Brian build a digital ecosystem that will make his business smoother than ever before.

We used APIs to implement features that drastically improved every aspect of Brian’s local business.

We implemented Twilio SMS, email marketing, mobile & online ordering and customer loyalty programs. That’s just on the customer-facing side. Cloud-based technology also allowed Brian to keep track of supplies and vendor relationships.

Brian automatically got in touch with customers for their birthdays, holidays or for special offers. He did this through Twilio texting automations and email blasts. Mobile and online ordering improved the user experience. It became effortless for customers to buy their coffee at Brian’s local coffee shop.

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What actually improved?

2 minutes improvement in wait time

Slow service is a tough sell. Thankfully, technology took Brian’s processes to the next level. Brian’s coffee shop reduced average wait time by over 2 minutes. Almost cutting the waiting period in half.

35% increase in repeat business

Better experience leads to higher loyalty. Technology improved every interaction with the customer. From wait times to communication, easier ordering, and overall better service because the staff had more time and less stress. The coffee shop experienced a 35% increase in repeat customers.

65% increase in revenue

Not only did customers come back more, the average order size drastically increased. Leading to a 65% year-over-year increase in monthly revenue.

What gets
measured gets done.

Business metrics prove a dramatic increase in business performance. Brian saw other important metrics, such as the employee turnover rate, improve as well. But, one thing that most consulting firms don’t look at, is the business owner’s satisfaction.

We help our clients enjoy running the business more than ever before. Hard work is important, but so is smart work. Small businesses are much easier to manage, as long as their systems are designed properly. That’s a huge advantage.

business performance

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