Transformative Techniques To Set Your Business Goals

This quick read will change how you think about small business
goals. These techniques will help you grow your business.

The word “goal” is controversial. On one hand you hear business gurus talk about creating a process, instead of goals.

But, you also hear other gurus tell you that without a goal you have nothing to aim for.

Both of these points of views are correct. Two things can be true at the same time.

This paper will broaden your way of thinking when it comes to goal setting. You’ll start setting more rational and defined goals.

We want you to define goals and then reverse engineer your path to success. Read this quick paper to learn more.

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    What is 2 x 4 ?

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    We’re all about helping small business work better and grow faster. That’s why we never use pushy sales tactics. Instead, we connect with
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    Nilesh Mehta , CEO, Independent Bridge Consulting
    Transformative techniques to set goals2021-07-21T05:30:12-04:00
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